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Pattern Grading and Design Software 2D & 3D With Plotter Machine

Rapid Simple Footwear Cad Software Half Plane Pattern Design Grading Software.RUIZHOU footwear pattern design & grading software is an efficient and cost saving CAD system specially developed for shoe-making companies. It’s applicable to digitize paper pattern and generate different sizes within seconds.
1. Rapid and simple design of half-plane pattern.
2. Auto recognition of pattern cuttings by giving an instruction after inputting and scanning of pattern.
3. Automatic linking after random segmentation.
4. Random size arrangement according to object points and grading of uneven.
5. Data of free setup and grading for height and width of Frye boots.
6. Direct design of outsole pattern, bottom pattern and shrinkage pattern after inputting of last pattern.
7. The original software interface can be set as required by users system supports Windows98/2000/XP and can be connected to any brand in-out equipment.



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